Gitman Vintage

Gitman Vintage Blue Stripe Oxford


Our classic Oxfords are made from 5oz 100% cotton Cambridge Oxford, a durable fabric that softens when washed but remains virtually indestructible. This fabric was used for our first stock shirt made in 1978 and it's the very same cloth that we use today.

Many of our design details are carried over from our first shirts as well. Barrel cuffs, a locker loop and rear box pleat, a rear collar button, and a tacked, V-stitch chest pocket are all included. These shirts also feature a robust, 4.5" cuff gauntlet with pleated sleeves for added wearability.

Construction of our oxfords starts with industry-leading 18 stitches per inch for durability, heavy-duty chalk buttons, and a lined placket for structure. All in, these details make for a shirt that's far more durable than it looks.

While others may not make 'em like they used to, we still do.

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